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How To Buy Steroids With Criptocurrencies

How to buy bitcoin
  • Place an order and upon checkout select “Pay with Bitcoin or Litecoin or Bitcoin cash
  • Purchase the exact amount of the criptocurrencies you chose to pay that is shown on the checkout
  • Use the belove-mentioned methods and send it to the address displayed at checkout.
  • The transaction will be confirmed and you order will be take care of and shipped in the next days with the tracking

Where To Buy Criptocurrencies

You Can easily buy criptocurrencies from website called exchange like coinbase, ecc. after register to them with an account and bought the amount that you need you can send the criptocurrencies directly from the exchange website wallet to our wallet link at the checkout like mentioned above.

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Ronnie Coleman Steroids

ronnie coleman steroids lies

Ronnie Coleman Fake Steroids Cycle Claim

we gonna start this article by saying that ronnie coleman has made many false claim on many interviews on what hes steroids cycle was back in the day, like on this interviews with joe rogan were ronnie claimed ”oh just basic stuff some test and some dbol just basic stuff”.

Ronnie Coleman Real Steroids Cycle

Ronnie Coleman Interview

now were gonna talk about one of the real ronnie coleman Steroids cycle that the used back in the 90s, this time is the real true information because tom platz before the interview have guarante the complete anonymity of the various bodybuilder who have accept to make the interview so someone would have no reason to lie because of being anonymous, even if in fact this interview was later published and the anonimity of the bodybuilder was not really fully protect, like in this case wich from the interview you can definetly see that is ronnie coleman even if the face is blurred and the voice changed, ronnie just talked about his pre contest cycle and not the cycle he used in the off season, now for the pre contest in the interview ronnie claims he used the following peds: testex, Primobolan, Nandrolone Decanoate, testosterone heptylate, anadrol or dianabol or primobolan tablets depending on what he could find, HGH, humulin r insulin,

Ronnie Coleman 12 week Steroids Cycle Dosage

Testex Testosterone Concentration of 250/ml, ronnie claim he used 3ml so that makes a total of 750 mg per week.

Primobolan Depot 100mg/ml, ronnie claim he used 2ml so that makes a total of 200 mg per week.

Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg/ml, ronnie claim he used 1ml so that makes a total of 200 mg per week.

Testosterone heptylate concentration of 250mg/ml, ronnie claim he used 2 ml so that makes a total of 500mg per week

as far as oral ronnie claim he used anadrol or dianabol or primobolan tablets at 100 mg per day.

as far as human growth hormone ronnie claim he used 4 iu per day.

and last for the insulin ronnie claimed he use humulin r 30 iu split two 15 iu injections only for the carb up phase.

Total amount of Steroids per week: 2350 mg per week

Ronnie Coleman 1994

Conclusion of Ronnie coleman Steroids cycle dosage

ronnie coleman has one or the best genetics in the world and this is the cycle he used before actually win any mr olympia title, due to the genetics of ronnie and due to the interview being anonymous is really probable and belivable that ronnie claimed finally the truth and this is really what he used back in the 90s.

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Pct for Steroids

Hypotalomous and Pituiritary

How The body Regulate Testosterone and sperm Production

the Brains Has two parts that are relevant to the production of testosterone and sperm cells in the testies, those are the hypotalomous and the pituiritary, the hypotalomous produces gonadotropin – releasin hormone which in turn signals to the pituitary to produces lutenizing hormones and follicle stimulating hormones also called lh and fsh,

lh signals to the latex cells in the testes to produces testoserone in the testes and thereby lh increases testosterone in the testes and begins the cycle of spermatogenesis, fsh on the other hand signals to the sertoli cells in the testes to mature and differentiate these sperm being created,

What should be used as post cycle therapy for steroids

The tools That should be used directly relate to stimulating the effects of lh and fsh in the body, what that means is instead of going into the brain to try to rapair the production from the pituitary we’re stimulating the biological function of lh and fsh in the body such that the testes can responde to those signals so specifically the first tool that we’ll talk about is human chorionic gonandotropin that is hcg.

Hcg is a biomarker found in the urine of pregnant woman and originally has a pharmaceutical tool it was used and develop in the urine of pregnant females, later recombinant versions where created that thankfully show equal efficaciousness as the natural derived product.

now what hcg does its structually is very similar to both lh and fsh however the small changes in its structure from lh and fsh allow it to be first of all to have a longer half-life than lh, it has 36 hours half-life as compared to 30 minute half-life and second of all and quite important it has greater affinity for the lh receptor then even lh does, so what happens is when hcg is injected subcutaneusly as a man it stimulates the effect of lh. thereby signaling to the testes to begin intratrsticular testosterone production, and this begins the stages of sperm developments.

Now human menopausal gonadotropin which is also called hmg its also derived from post menopausal woman and originally was derived directly from them, the the recombinant version were created that seemed to be effective, hmg has a large majority of it sort of useless urinary proteins and a small part of it has fsh lh and hcg and it was mainly used for that portion of it that had fsh tring to signals to the body to replace the signal from the pituritary that involves fsh to signals to the testes to mature and differentiate the sperm that has been created, now what happend was lately in the last 10 years there was development that led to whats called recombinant fsh wich goes directly to the subject that we really want to deal with while hmg has a little bit of fsh in it, recombinant fsh is entirely produced of fsh, fsh is basically the thing that we really tryng to get to, now tnere are no studies that compare fsh efficasciousness to hmg however there are studies that analize the efficasciousness of recombinant fsh itsel and it seems very effective at the task that we want to accomplish,

hcg administered alone will stimulate intratesticular testosterone production and that will lead to sperm being created in the testes, so hcg can yeld not only testicular production of testosterone but also fertility on its own, in fact it sometimes does this in some studies up to 70 percent of the people, however fsh recombinant fsh wich is the superior version of hmg , cannot do this on its own and additionaly hcg is effect on fertility is definetly enhanced when its combined fsh, so what we can tell from this is that if you can only pick one then pick hcg but if you can pick two it is definetly better and pick a recombinant fsh wich is called ,

thats is the lowdown on what hmg and hcg are, now on terms of efficacios dosing from clinical studies hcg has been used in quite different amount, from as low as 1000 to 5000 iu twice a week, the same dosing schedule is used for hmg however the units used are beetwen 75 iu to 400 iu , you should look as this substances working togheter and if you can only prefer 1 pick hcg and if you can get both you should pick hcg and recombinant fsh, and if you cant get recombinat fsh than pick hmg,

you should keep in mind that hmg is quite difficular to find and hcg are both hard to find of good quality like we have here, a long duration of treatment is absolutrly neccessary to get a proper restoration of function, usually pct protocol involve month long hcg, and are not optimal as they are not truly efficascious if you need to recover after long time on steroids, now in the world of aas is that most people who use aas for significant amount of time basically stay on aas for the rest of their lives, and its very rare that you find somebody that used aas for sit like a over a year in a row or two years that completely goes of it, because of its reason there is not that much known from empirical practice within the comunites about what it really takes to recover your testosterone production and your fertility long term, so this is why you should be aware that short pct protocol are not optimal to restore good amount of function, and if you really want to recover optimally you should use 2-3 months of protocol at the dosages discusses before depending on how much and for how many times have you use steroids.