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Promifen is one of the most popular sports pharmacology products by  Alpha Pharma. The main active ingredient, Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid), is used by athletes to block estrogen receptors. Initially, the drug was developed for use in traditional medicine for the treatment of male and female infertility.


The drug is used by athletes in rehabilitation therapy (PCT) courses, in particular to start the processes of natural testosterone production. Timely intake of this drug will minimize the rollback phenomenon. Clomiphene Citrate also binds to estrogen receptors at the cellular level, thereby binding them in the blood.

Rules of use

Many athletes choose to use Clomid after a steroid cycle in order to quickly restore the natural processes of testosterone synthesis. The course of administration should be started with a daily dosage not exceeding 150mg. In no case should the dosage be divided into several doses. The duration of the course is from 3 days to 2 weeks. If necessary, you can extend the course for 7-14 days. In the last days of the course, you can reduce the dosage to 25-50 mg per day. Due to the fact that the lifespan of the drug is 5 days, a stable concentration of the drug in the blood is maintained for 24 hours.

Keep in mind that steroids differ in half-life. When taking a steroid with a long half-life, Clomid should be taken one week after the last use. After taking esters with a short half-life, you can start taking Clomiphene Citrate three days after the last injection.

You should not take the drug with a high concentration of androgens, as this will not lead to the desired results. It is recommended to wait a certain period of time and get the maximum result from the reception. It is best to pass necessary tests after the course of steroids; this will allow a specialist to more accurately determine the date of the beginning of the rehabilitation therapy.

Side effects

Basically, the appearance of adverse side effects from Clomid is highly unlikely since this drug is used to minimize or completely get rid of possible side reactions after a course of taking steroid drugs.


In their reviews, athletes recommend consulting a specialist to select the dosage taking into account individual characteristics, experience of admission, the course taken and other factors. We offer competent advice for those wishing to Buy Genuine Clomiphene Citrate along with fast but careful delivery.


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