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Testobolin is a quality drug based on the active substance Testosterone in esterified form with the long  esters  attached. This form of testosterone is the most popular in the world of bodybuilding, as it has a long period of action, high efficiency in gaining mass and strength, as well as great practicality and profitability during the course, due to the fact that the drug does not require frequent administration and for Testosterone Enanthate, the price is usually an order of magnitude lower than other steroids.

Testosterone enanthate is a Powerful steroids with high androgenic activity and duration of action. The use of this drug enriches the athlete with the beneficial properties of endogenous testosterone, normalizes nitrogen balance, increases appetite, develops primary sexual characteristics, actively stimulates libido, sexual activity, etc.

Effect and action

Testosterone Enanthate is used for various purposes, initially the drug was used in medicine to treat sexual dysfunction, stimulate spermatogenesis and treat other ailments of the reproductive system in men. At the moment, the main target audience for testosterone users are athletes. This is due to a number of advantages and the effectiveness of which this steroid has. In Bodybuilding testosterone Enanthate is prized for its ability to build large amounts of muscle mass in a short amount of time. On average, in one course of 5 weeks, an athlete can gain up to 15kg of clean muscles with minimal water retention, in some cases even more. Enanthate has an equal ratio of anabolic and androgenic properties, therefore, as a result of the intake, both external indicators of muscles and physical ones develop at an accelerated rate.


General reception results

– Rapid development of muscle mass up to 15kg in one course;

– Significant increase in the charge of energy and power indicators;

– Stimulation of libido and sexual activity;

– Strengthening the bone structure of the body;

– Normalizes nitrogen balance and muscle protein and oxygen supply;

– May help burn fat at normal dosages. 


Application methods

A Testosterone Enanthate course is usually used during periods of mass gain and strength development. Reception is often done alone (solo), however, when combined with other drugs such as Deca Durabolin, which can also be bought on our website, the results from taking his cycle can increase by about 4 times.

Recommended dosages for an average athlete are 250-500mg per week. Injections should be done exclusively in a thick layer of muscle (deltas, thighs, buttocks). More experienced athletes may take doses up to 1000mg per week, but it is important to understand that such dosages can stimulate side effects.

Due to the long half-life, Enanthate is used in long courses of weight gain, so the best solution would be to combine it with drugs with a shorter period of action. It is advisable to combine a course of Testosterone with Dianabol, which will be useful for the development of muscle mass.

Side effects

Rarely and with overestimated doses, the following side effects may occur:

– a decrease in the level of hCG

– temporary testicular atrophy

– reduction in sperm count

– enlargement of the prostate gland

Gynecomastia (for elimination it is recommended to take Clomid after the course)

– acne

Due to the fact that testosterone has a high androgenic index, this increases the chances of aromatizing androgens into estrogen, which in turn can lead to adverse reactions such as gynecomastia and fluid retention. The rollback phenomenon can also be present after the course, since some of the weight gained will consist of liquid. In order to reduce the rollback phenomenon and protect your muscles from destruction, it is recommended to buy Clenbuterol and take it in small doses, during and after the course. Clenbuterol acts as an anti-catabolic and Fat Burner, thereby stimulating Testosterone Enanthate to gain only pure dry mass.

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