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Deca 500 is composed of the component called Nandrolone Decanoate. Manufactured by Dragon Pharma, it is available in 10ml vial, 500mg/ml packaging with international delivery service. It is an anabolic androgen that was produced by clinical experts for treating patients suffering from anemia, osteoporosis and breast cancer. This drug enabled those patients to rebuild muscle tissues. Now the bodybuilders and athletes are using Decan for their Weighlkifting goal. Since, it is intramuscularly injected, its administration requires an expert’s involvement. Individuals who have pre-existing health issues must consult with a medical specialist who can guide them regarding this drug in their steroid cycle.


Decan offers multiple benefits. However, if it is combined with other steroids, the results become instant and long lasting as it amplifies the effectiveness. The benefits of Decan are:

  • Encourages Muscles To Grow
  • Increases The Appetite
  • Stimulate Red Blood Cell Production
  • Promotes Bone Density
  • Increases Bodily Strength
  • More Stamina And Power


The recommended dosage for professional bodybuilders is 400-500mg per week. Female users can take a dosage between 50-200mg per week. Do not prolong the period for more than 6 weeks. The users are advised to gradually increase their dosage to achieve optimal results. Dosage should only be increased when the user develops tolerance to their dosage. Beginners are recommended to avoid this 500mg dosage of Deca and start with the lowest dosage possible. Post cycle therapy is necessary as soon as the Deca cycle is over. Also, consult an expert or a coach who can guide you regarding your unique needs as per your unique body.

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