Hilma Biocare – Boldenone Undecyclenate 250mg/ml



Activity                                                     14 days

Delay Water                                            Low

Dosage                                                      Men  200-1000mg/week

Acne                                                           Rarely

Aromatization                                        Low

Hepatoxicity                                           Low

Detection time                                       4-6 months

Laboratory Test



What is Boldenone?

boldenone is a steroid which is known to bodybuilders favorite steroid. Boldenone is also very popular because of its quality strength and mass ratio in their body. there are alot of steroids available in the market today, but boldenone is one of those steroids which are trusted by almost every bodybuilder because of its contents. this is a supplement which has been taken by alot of people. the main work of this supplement is to transform the body in a short period.


Benefits of using boldenone?

boldenone is one of those steroids, which has very fewer side effects to it and this is the reason alot of bodybuilders rely on this supplement. boldenone is medically examined and clinically proven that is safe for consumption by humans.

the doses of this supplements are constant and this is why taking this supplemet is much easier compared to other competitors in the market.  it is recommended that bodybuilders should always refer to their doctor and decide on the dose. it is important to monitor what supplements you take daily.

Boldenone is safe to consume and people dont have to take the risk of making sure that their body is working well with the supplements,  Boldenone is effective within a short period and this is why if you are looking to build up your body in a short period then this is the perfect option for you. bodybuilders will be able to properly build their body whitout having to face side effects like any kind of steroids.

the consumption of boldenone is different for different individual. it is also different for both male and female. if you are looking to build your body and take steroids for it you can always try boldenone.  if the product suits you then there will be no other better option available for any bodybuilders.  bodybuilding is a tough a job and these supplemets help bodybuilders to get into the shape they want in a shor period. it is always important to have a clear idea about boldenone before investing money on it.




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