Hilma Biocare-Testosterone undecanoate 250mg/ml

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Activity                                                                         14 days

Delay Water                                                                yes

Classification                                                             Anabolic steroids

Dosage                                                                         Men 200-1000 mg/week

hepatoxicity                                                               No

Acne                                                                              Possible

Aromatization                                                           Yes


Laboratory Test


Testosterone Undecanoate

have you been sweeting in the gym and following a strict regime  but still unable to see those bulks on your arms? Do you dream of an athletic body that everyone is swooned by?

here is the answer to all your dreams, Testosterone undecanoate. this excellent drugs works as a wonder for athletes who wish to build their muscle mass and strenght. bodybuilders swear by the drug and recommend using novice bodybuilders who are struggling to develop their bodies.

the product is also known for their testosterone quality, wich boosts the males hormones and boosts sexual desires, fat distribution in the body, and sharpening of manliness in a male.

1 review for Hilma Biocare-Testosterone undecanoate 250mg/ml

  1. Gianluca

    received the package a bit later than expected but the product is no doubt of the highest quality personally i use it for trt and testosterone undecanoate enabale me to inject with less frequency and still feel good

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