Provironus 25 mg (Mesterolone)



Driada Medical “Provironus” (Mesterolone) is one of the oldest anabolic androgenic steroids in the world, also known as Proviron. Mesterolone is a unique anabolic steroid in many ways. The product bears similarities to products such as drostanolone enanthate, drostanolone propionate, oxandrolone and stanozolol, but overall it is a proprietary and unique pharmaceutical product.  Proviron is not used to increase body weight, it can serve as an important companion during the training phase, but Mesterolone is used much more frequently during drying.  Mesterolone is one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids as a therapeutic agent in modern medicine. The main purpose of using the drug Mesterolone is the treatment of androgen deficiency. The hormone is used as a fertility aid in men, making it a unique anabolic steroid as most anabolic steroids have the opposite effect.

Please consult your healthcare professional or specialist doctor.
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Store in a dry, dark place at a temperature of 15-25 °C.

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