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Ronnie Coleman Steroids

ronnie coleman steroids lies

Ronnie Coleman Fake Steroids Cycle Claim

we gonna start this article by saying that ronnie coleman has made many false claim on many interviews on what hes steroids cycle was back in the day, like on this interviews with joe rogan were ronnie claimed ”oh just basic stuff some test and some dbol just basic stuff”.

Ronnie Coleman Real Steroids Cycle

Ronnie Coleman Interview

now were gonna talk about one of the real ronnie coleman Steroids cycle that the used back in the 90s, this time is the real true information because tom platz before the interview have guarante the complete anonymity of the various bodybuilder who have accept to make the interview so someone would have no reason to lie because of being anonymous, even if in fact this interview was later published and the anonimity of the bodybuilder was not really fully protect, like in this case wich from the interview you can definetly see that is ronnie coleman even if the face is blurred and the voice changed, ronnie just talked about his pre contest cycle and not the cycle he used in the off season, now for the pre contest in the interview ronnie claims he used the following peds: testex, Primobolan, Nandrolone Decanoate, testosterone heptylate, anadrol or dianabol or primobolan tablets depending on what he could find, HGH, humulin r insulin,

Ronnie Coleman 12 week Steroids Cycle Dosage

Testex Testosterone Concentration of 250/ml, ronnie claim he used 3ml so that makes a total of 750 mg per week.

Primobolan Depot 100mg/ml, ronnie claim he used 2ml so that makes a total of 200 mg per week.

Nandrolone Decanoate 200mg/ml, ronnie claim he used 1ml so that makes a total of 200 mg per week.

Testosterone heptylate concentration of 250mg/ml, ronnie claim he used 2 ml so that makes a total of 500mg per week

as far as oral ronnie claim he used anadrol or dianabol or primobolan tablets at 100 mg per day.

as far as human growth hormone ronnie claim he used 4 iu per day.

and last for the insulin ronnie claimed he use humulin r 30 iu split two 15 iu injections only for the carb up phase.

Total amount of Steroids per week: 2350 mg per week

Ronnie Coleman 1994

Conclusion of Ronnie coleman Steroids cycle dosage

ronnie coleman has one or the best genetics in the world and this is the cycle he used before actually win any mr olympia title, due to the genetics of ronnie and due to the interview being anonymous is really probable and belivable that ronnie claimed finally the truth and this is really what he used back in the 90s.

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