Shipping e Payments

Shipping Costs

with orders value 0.00 – 799 euro
standard delivery 4-15 working days Worldwide 29.99 euro.

with order value 800 euro or more 

standard free delivery, 5-20 days worldwide.

Standard Delivery

Standard delivery time is 2-20 business days Worldwide. once parcel will be sent, you will be provided with tracking number.
if goods are seized at customs with 1st delivery, we offer the possibility of sending 2nd shipments for free, offer valid only on europian schengen zone, excluding scandinavian country.


we will try to deliver your goods within 4-10 days but delay in delivery is sometimes out of our control.

please note, that reshipping will be 30 days after first shipment.

all packages are shipped with high discreet lvl. product are packed safely with maximum care and precaution. there is never useing name of products or name of organization for succesful delivery.

packages are always going with necessary weight and size for safe delivery.

in case if your order going to any country with extreme secure custom then automatically your order going in to the double package for more secure.

shipments can be from various country to speed up the shipping process.


How long it will take to sent my package? 

once payments is received, your order will be sent within 3-5 days. delivery time is 4-15 business days Worldwide.

shipping times will depend of customs clearence, international transit, bank holidays and etc.

we will try to deliver your goods within 4-10 days but delays is delivery is sometimes out of our control.


Is It Legal to Buy This Kind of Products?

because laws are different from country to country, we recommend you to research regarding the possible regulation and restriction of your country before purchase.


How Are Products Shipped?

there is 99 percent success rate to USA, 99 percent to EU and aproximately similar percentage of success delivery to the rest of the world.

we ship by standard delivery to these countries to ensure discrete shipping which has high success rate of delivery.


Is a Signature Required to get the Parcel?

it does not require a signature to receive the parcel. Depending on your country of origin the postal service occasionally may require it 

and if you are not at home the postal service will leave a card to advise you to pick up the parcel from your local post office.


What Countries Do You Ship To?

We ship to almost all countries around the world dependings on wich brand you have chose to buy the country we ship to may be different from brand to brand.

Hilma biocare brand shipping is available to all country excepts country like canada Australia, Norway, New Zealand and Japan.

Alpha pharma brand shipping is available completly worldwide.

Dragon Pharma brand shipping is available completely worldwide.

Deus Medical Brand  shipping is available completely worldwide.

Payments Methods

we accepts differnets payments method wich are the most secure and anonymous,

Bitcoin Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.